Favorite Invitation Designs
March 28 2014

I am trying to get caught up on cataloging my favorite designs from last year. This is the second group from July - Dec 2013. :)


Are Chalkboard Designs Still Cool?
November 07 2013

google image search chalkboard art collage

Every year there seems to be some sort of new card design trend. Last year it was the chalkboard. I'm wondering if it's still in style? I hope so because I personally LERVE it. I'm not sure how or why it started. In the past I remember seeing really fancy well designed boards in restaurants and boutiques and somehow maybe that spilled into card designs?

I am blown away and almost humbled by the organic typesetting going on in the above images. As a designer who is constantly creating on the computer, I feel that I am losing my natural God given artistic abilities (thank you Adobe & Mac). Maybe I need to paint that lonely hallway wall in black chalkboard paint and get down with some chalk. And than when someone says "I love that!", I can smugly reply "Pinterest".

Anyway, here are my own "chalkboard designs by Ian & Lola".

Chalkboard Christmas Card by Ian and LolaChalkboard Baby Shower Invitation by Ian and LolaChalkboard Engagement Invitation by Ian and LolaChalkboard Baby Shower Invitation by Ian and Lola


Melissa Joelle Corder

Owner & Designer at Ian & Lola




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