Photo Card Faqs

To have the best quality photo to work with, we recommend that you upload your original photos and not a resized or cropped version. If we receive your photo and it does not meet our minimum requirements, your photo may not have enough pixels, which can cause grainy or pixelated photo cards. We recommend photos that are at least 300 pixels per inch to ensure the best printing results.Find out if your photo meets the recommended size:

STEP 1: 
Find out the size of the photo that will be printed on your card.

Our 2 most common photo card sizes are: 
5 by 7 for most Save the Dates and Birth Announcements = photo needs to be 1500 by 2100 pixels
4 by 6 for most Postcard Save the Dates and Thank You Card = photo needs to be 1200 by 1800 pixels

STEP 2: 
Find out the dimensions of the photo you want to use.

Copy your photo to your desk / Right click on the image and select Get Info / You can find your dimensions here:

Copy your photo to your desktop / Right click on the image and select Properties or Info / You can find the dimensions in the photo details:

If your photo doesn’t have enough pixels, your printed photo card can look grainy or pixelated. Attempting to resize the photo could distort the quality of the image. To get the best printed photo cards, its important to use original and unedited photos.

To get your image to us, or to ask us questions concerning your image, please email us here.


Can I switch my Photo Card design from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape? 
Absolutely! Please be sure to specify your request in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section.

Can you move the graphic and text on my photo? 
You can move the Save the Date Graphic anywhere you'd like on your photo, as long as there is enough space to work with. Once an order has been placed, you'll receive a PDF proof with your personalized text in 3 business days. You have two free rounds of changes to make sure your design is exactly how you'd like it.

Can I change the photo if I don’t like it on the card design? 
Yes. We include 2 free rounds of changes with each order. 

Can I have more than 1 photo on my design? 
Yes. We will try to accommodate as many photos as will work with the design.

Can you crop my photo? 
We crop photos if it helps your photo to fit better with your favorite design. If you have a specific cropping in mind, please let us know in the customization section.

Can you edit my photos? 
Changing your image from color to black and white, sepia or adding a tint of color is FREE. For a small fee of $25 we can remove blemishes and do other minor retouching. Just let us know in the notes section.

Is it possible to preview my photo with a design, prior to placing my order? 
Yes! Email us at with up to 2 of your photos and let us know which design you would like to preview (custom designs not included). Please be aware that your previews will be non personalized.

NEED TO ASK A QUESTION? Just email us!




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